Terms And Conditions

(Last Updated : 08 July 2024)

You can learn about our Terms & Conditions for using the website and its features in the following section.


You must be at least 18 years old to create an advertisement on the Nsibal website.


All ads must mention the availability of escort or massage services. It is not permitted to create adverts that link to other people's identities. It is forbidden to reveal another person's email address, phone number, or additional contact information. Except for your escorts/massage website, it is not permitted to link to other websites.
The images you upload to the site must not be illegal. You must always have the copyright to your photos, and if other people feature in them, you must have their explicit permission to publish them on the website.
There may be no references to child pornography, sex with animals, sex with pregnant women, extreme violence, or the use of drugs or drugs on the website, in text, or the image.
Ads that violate the law, such as those containing ruffles, illegal content, links to websites with illegal content, solicitation of unlawful conduct, or content that the site owner finds offensive, will be removed without warning. In extreme circumstances, may file police reports based on the website's current IP address and other information about the advertiser in question.
We reserve the right to suspend, block, or delete advertisements that we deem garbage or do not contain any other truthful information, possibly in conjunction with one or more of the policies listed above.


We take no responsibility for the content of the websites that link to any advertiser. We take no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions in the website's content. The website's operator, Nsibal, cannot be held liable for any crashes, errors, or technical difficulties that may occur on the site.
We reserve the right to amend or update these Terms at any time, and you agree to be bound by them.


These terms and conditions apply to all advertising time and product promotions on Nsibal.com.


Payment for an ad can be chosen just after it is created. Only after an ad is manually authorized or paid for is it displayed on the internet. When you buy ad time, you are making a one-time investment. And it's not a paid subscription right now. Payment can be made using most major credit and debit cards.
We will send a receipt to the email address you supplied when creating your account immediately after your first purchase and any subsequent subscription lines.


You may delete your ad at any moment as an advertiser by entering your email address and password and selecting "Delete ad." Don't hesitate to contact our support team, who are always willing to assist you if you require assistance.


You can pay for your advertisement via bank transfer if you don't have access to the various means of online payment. The product is activated once our bank has accepted your money. For more information, don't hesitate to contact our customer service department.


The right of withdrawal does not cover the purchase because the acquired product is put into service immediately after payment. The Consumer Contracts Act states that the right of withdrawal does not apply to distance selling of assistance if the provision of the service begins concurrently with the conclusion of the contract.